22.08.2020 - IX Group Show incl CKCS Speciality Show


Show will take place: Ratassepa Talu, Lembvere Tartumaa | Location map >>

Info: Terje Erdmann + 372 56491194 (ENG, FI, RU) cavalieriklubi@gmail.com



Hedi Kumm (EST) - cavalier king charles spaniel

Linda Jürgens (EST) -  kõik ülejäänud tõud ja BIS

The Organising Committee has the right to make changes if necessary.


REGISTRATION: Please attach Entry form copy of the registration certificate,

copies of the champion diplomas as well as a copy of the receipt to the e-mail cavalieriklubi@gmail.com

Documents may be sent also by post: Terje Erdmann, Lauliku 8/12, Tallinn 10914

ACCOUNT: Entry fee should be transfered to:  Eesti Cavalier King Charles Spanielite Tõuühing

SWEDBANK EE562200221032292283, SWIFT/BIC:HABAEE2X (Please check bank charges)


Dog must have ID-number (tattoo or microchip), please add ID number to entry-form.


Baby, puppy & veteran 23
Junior & dog 28
Brace competition 5
Breeder- & Progeny class Free
If reg. more than 3 dogs 25


The last day of entry is 01.08.2020.

After closing time the registration (if it's technically possible) 35